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Large Animal Genetic Engineering Summit

Park City, Utah

June 3-6, 2018


Due April 15th

Abstract Instructions and Submission


Remarkable developments in genome editing are revolutionizing medicine and agriculture as large animal genomes can, for the first time, be modified with sophistication and efficiency so far only achievable in the mouse. This technology allows for improvement in livestock production traits, agricultural animal health and welfare, and generation of more refined large animal models for biomedical applications. The summit will bring together reproductive biologists, geneticists, molecular biologists, animal model developers, preclinical and clinical researchers, and representatives of federal research and regulatory agencies.


The Large Animal Genetic Engineering Summit will:

1. Provide updates on genetic engineering technologies, including genome editing, and their biomedical and agricultural applications in academia and industry.

2. Engage federal agencies, industry representatives and academic researchers in a policy development forum. The focus of this panel discussion will be to: broadly define large animal research areas/topics that include transgenesis; and develop joint strategies to improve funding focused on developing the best animal models for a given trait/disease (dual purpose with dual benefit and beyond).

Post-conference Tour of Utah State Facilities


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